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    ?Three Steps First Aid for Burns

    10th December 2009

    Since you're bound to either burn yourself or to be with someone when they burn themselves, it's a good idea to learn about first aid for burns. While everyone has an opinion on what you should do, you can actually take care of a burn in three easy steps. Here's what you need [...]

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    ?Simple First Aid For Coral Reef Scrapes

    8th December 2009

    Coral reef scrapes and cuts often result in a red raised rash. Many times these coral reef scrapes or cuts are the result of a fire coral, which is a stinging creature, not a true coral. The reaction to these coral reef scrapes and cuts can vary from one individual to another depending on the [...]

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    ?Hey! Show Me Pictures of Broken Bones

    6th December 2009

    So you want to show me pictures of broken bones? Whatever for? Actually there are plenty of reasons why someone would say, “show me pictures of broken bones”. In fact, the internet has many requests for broken bones pictures for a number of reasons.
    • Doctors looking for research study patients
    • Students [...]

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    ?Buy First Aid Kits & Supplies in Bulk and Save Money

    4th December 2009

    First aid kits, supplies and emergency supplies are an important part of our daily lives. Almost every individual, family or company will have first aid kits and supplies located some place. Families are finding more and more the importance of having first aid kits, supplies and emergency numbers located in their home, especially if they [...]

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    ?What is the Cost Fixing Punctures?

    2nd December 2009

    The cost fixing punctures varies according to type. For a simple puncture in a bike or automobile tire a tire plug kit may be all that is required to permanently fix it. The price for a tire plug kit falls around ten dollars, or less. A worth while investment considering the price for a new [...]

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    ?Ankle Strains are Only the Beginning

    2nd December 2009

    Ankle strains occur when the muscle is over stretched. Therefore, it is important that after a strain of the muscle in the ankle, that treatment is proper and supportive. Although the initial treatment involves ice and rest of the area, more is needed after that typically to ensure that the injury is healed and that [...]

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    ?Proper Care Helps Avoid Infection Of Cuts And Scrapes

    2nd December 2009

    Cuts and scrapes typically require nothing more than a good cleaning, an antibiotic ointment and a proper dressing until they heal. Immediate treatment that follows the correct procedure is important so cuts and scrapes do not become infected. Knowing the proper procedure for taking care of cuts and scrapes, as well as knowing how to [...]

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    ?Some Information on Allergic Reactions to Antibiotics

    2nd December 2009

    Allergic reactions to antibiotics constitute the bulk of allergic drug reactions. The usual symptoms associated with allergic reactions to antibiotics are itchy rashes and slight wheezing. However in some cases, the patient may suffer form anaphylaxis or severe allergic reactions which prove to be life threatening with an inability to breathe and low blood pressure.
    Though [...]

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    ?Is Your Toothpaste Good For You?

    2nd December 2009

    The daily regimen requires many things from everyone, no matter who they are. One of those things is to brush the teeth.
    Brushing the teeth helps to promote a healthy and beautiful smile, while aiding in the protection and prevention of gum diseases and/or cavities. Finding the right toothpaste is not only important but is [...]

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    ?Broken Bone Lyrics – Singing the Blues

    30th November 2009

    When women sing broken bones lyrics it’s often because they have developed osteoporosis. Many older women today developed osteoporosis without warning simply because doctors didn’t know how to do an early diagnosis. Younger women are much more fortunate, because doctors and other health officials now understand osteoporosis. They can let women know if [...]

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